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Spray Hood

Littau spray hoods can be mounted to any make of tractor. Our hoods can adjust up or down and side to side from the seat of the tractor. The hood angle can be adjusted to fit the hill you're working on. Our heavy duty design is preferred by many growers.

  • Variable hood angle adjustment.
  • Heavy Duty Stand for easy storage.
  • Attaches to tractor in minutes.
  • Heavy 3/16 PVC Skirting.
  • Right and Left Ball Valves.
  • Hydraulic Width Adjustment of 28 inches from the seat of the tractor.
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment of 8 inches from the seat of the tractor.
  • Pre-built mounting available for some John Deere 3000 Series and 5000 Series tractors.
  • Pre-built mounting available for New Holland 4000F Series and 4000V Series tractors.

Model: SFM-10

  • Maximum total width 132 inches.
  • Minumum total width 88 inches.
  • 12 inch x 20 inch hood size.
  • Brass Tips, Caps, and Swivels.


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