Products - SS20 Mulch/Sawdust Spreader

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Mulch Spreader (Sawdust)

With a 78" width (or tire track) you'll be able to spread barkdust or other material to large fruit bush rows.

A Sawdust Spreader is a rectangular shaped-bucket shaped container used to hold and distribute sawdust. It discharges material out either the left or right side of the spreader via a switch.

  • High torque drag chain motors.
  • Triple 667X Drag Chains with 3/4" X 1-1/4" Flights.
  • Agitator Shaft for smoother application.
  • Reversible cross belt with a section guide.
  • Standard manual variable speed controls.
  • Optional remote electronic controls.
  • Front shields for large bushes.
  • Independent dual walking beams for stability.
  • Qty.8 tires size 27x10.50x15 (78" Tire Track).

Model: SS20

  • Capacity: 20 CUYD.
  • Uni-body construction.
  • Independent truck carriage suspension.
  • Tractor mounted hydraulic pump.
  • Planetary gear drive for dependability.
  • Bi-directional cross belt.
  • Manual Adjustable belt and drag chain speed.
  • Optional electronic remote for function control.
  • Smooth sided box with nose and tail cones.
  • Modular hitch system.
  • Optional agitator system.

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