• Name: Norman Johnson

    Position: President


    Info: As president of the company, Norm manages the daily activities of the company from both in the office and out in the field.

  • Name: Brian Thompson

    Position: Sales Manager


    Info: Brian is the sales manager and also helps in service and production. Brian is a key figure in all sales contracts and business relationships with our customers.

  • Name: Frank Brown

    Position: Production Manager/Purchasing


    Info: Directs the production process of Littau Harvester machines. Frank deals on a day to day basis with vendors to order materials for the shop.

  • Name: Casey Loveberg

    Position: Parts and Service


    Info: Casey is the service and parts shop manager. He coordinates servicing of machines and helps customers in need of parts.

  • Name: Dan Setniker

    Position: Engineering Manager

    Contact: Call for email

    Info: As the engineering manager, Dan works closely with customers and employees to design, develop and refine harvesters and other equipment. The engineering manager is also responsible for manufacturing engineering and the automated and CNC manufacturing equipment.

  • Name: Dave Sneve

    Position: Washington Shop Manager


    Info: Dave oversees all operations out of the Washington service shop in Lynden, Washington. Dave is our main contact for machine repairs and upgrades for our Washington and Canadian customers.

  • Name: Brad Johnson

    Position: Payroll/ IT Manager


    Info: Brad manages both health and dental insurance for all employees. Brad is also responsible for generating all payroll.

  • Name: Loren Johnson

    Position: Accounts Payable/Receivable


    Info: Loren teams up with Brad on all accounts payable and receivable jobs. Loren also manages all company safety programs, and helps human resources process employee data. Loren and Daphne are responsible for the company website, email, and online media.

  • Name: Daphne Lundquist

    Position: Information Technology/Webmaster


    Info: Daphne manages the company website, computer maintenance, printers, and filing. Daphne works with other employees on any technology needs for the company.